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VAT audit

VAT audit

Let's review your input and output VAT.

Through incorrect set up of tax codes for various VAT rates and treatments, you could be losing liquidities. You could be losing input VAT when purchasing goods and services. You might also have incorrect output settings of VAT, which will affect your margin. On the other hand, you could be underpaying VAT, and, therefore, you have a risk of tax adjustment and penalties by your local authorities.

Our team of VAT specialists will undertake a complete review of your processes and identify potential risks. We will also validate the classification of products and goods to help you identify mistakes that you were not aware of.

What we will need?

Access to accounting system, data exports
Access to invoices scans/hard copies
Workspace at your headquarters

Areas provided

Input VAT

The most common reason for accidental value added tax evasion is incorrect set up of tax codes within the accounting software. Our VAT specialists will review procedures and settings. Potential errors are further increased in case of VAT rate, legislation and product classification changes.

Output VAT

Our team of value added tax specialists will undertake a comprehensive review of output VAT. We will validate if you have a correct VAT setup applied to your products and services within the up-to-date tax legislation. The more VAT rates and exemptions are in place; the more potential errors might occur.
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