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Accounting errors

Accounting errors

We are the treasure hunters within your accounting data.

Our NANO Search Tool helps identify various accounting errors that can occur during your procure to pay process. We will undertake comprehensive analysis of your accounting entries to discover overpayments transferred to your suppliers.

Samples of common accounting errors:

  • payment made to wrong vendor

  • invoice paid in wrong currency

  • incorrect amount paid

  • credit note paid as an invoice

  • both proforma and final invoice paid

  • overdue deposits unclaimed

  • VAT errors on invoices

Recovery audit will increase your EBIT.

We work completely on commission only, no additional costs will be charged to you. During the recovery audit project we will recover liquidities, identify risks and we will recommend process improvements.

What we will need?

Access to accounting system, data exports
Access to invoices scans/hard copies
Workspace at your headquarters
Recovery Audit is part of our processes at MALL GROUP for several years and Iveta's team validates invoicing of our suppliers every year. Thanks to this, we have another level of verification which pays itself off from the findings and at the same time, improves our EBIT.
Jan Hanuš
Jan Hanuš

Data security and audit execution

We are a tech company and data security is our absolute priority. All data is processed on our own server which is stored in our datacentre. If required, we are also capable of working completely within your infrastructure.

Onsite recovery audit

All data which is required for audit is stored within your infrastructure. We work entirely on hardware provided by you and store the data on your server. The disadvantage of such a solution would be some initial investments on your side and we would not be able to use all our auditing tools.

Our recovery auditors can work completely onsite from your headquarters. In order to fulfil this task, we would need a room that can be locked or a storage cabinet for computers.

Offsite recovery audit

After initial discussion, we will agree upon the data which we would need to export for auditing. This dataset would be transferred to our servers where we then process the data. Our recovery audit team then works from our office based in Brno, Czech Republic.

The ideal solution for recovery audit is a combination of onsite and offsite solutions. This combines the benefits of both options.

The solution you initially choose is completely up to you. Quite often, we start new projects in the form of an onsite recovery audit and after trust from the customer's side has been established, we further develop the solutions to maximize the recovery audit result.

Minimum time effort for recovery audit

We are a team of professional recovery audit consultants and we know how and where to search. We have knowledge on most of the common accounting systems and BI tools and we are capable of processing almost any type of data. In the past 20 years, our colleagues had worked on many different types of recovery audits.

We will need an initial introduction and kick off meeting with your finance, purchasing and IT department. After gaining access to your accounting software, our recovery auditors will do their own initial due diligence process. After this initial step, we then usually further request additional data downloads and/or system access if needed. 

We work completely on our own and the whole process takes up a minimum of your time. We usually validate first claims with your designated staff and after this step we can work solely on our own. This again depends completely on your decision and we can set up a claim approval process based on your requirements. We would need a potential help from your purchasing department with disputed claims.

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