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Recovery Audit

Based on the industry average, companies are loosing 0,1 % of their annual turnover due to system and accounting accidental errors. Recovery audit will help you to identify such occasions, reclaim lost liquidities back into your bank account and provide you with recommendations to prevent such losses in the future. Those are the reasons, why in the past 50 years Recovery Audits have become a common practice for almost all blue chip companies.

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Recovery audit is a process of systematic auditing of all financial transactions and documents to discover financial leakage. The aim is to discover and recover various overpayments made to your suppliers. Recovery audit can also discover weak points in your invoicing process that can lead to an undercollection of your income. Recovery audit should be conducted by highly specialised external audit team. Recovery audits are often used in areas like retail, wholesale, industrial or finance. Recovery audits can help companies to save liquidities and improves financial controll processes.


We will deliver a high class recovery audit solution to you. Our colleagues have been working in recovery audits entire careers. Within the last 20 years they worked with various blue chip companies within Europe, United States of America and Middle East. We are client focused company. Solutions that we create for our clients are tailor made. Thanks to that we can achieve amazing recovery audit results. We look forward to working with you! 


Our colleagues are working on international projects throughout the Europe. Our headquarters is based in Brno, Czech Republic. Here we have built up a recovery audit shared service centre. From our SSC in Brno we provide our clients with offsite recovery audit solutions. In most cases, we work with our clients both offsite and onsite as a combination of benefits from both options to maximize the profit. Onsite recovery audit and personal contact gives recovery audit deeper meaning. Without a perfect knowledge of our client's processes we cannot maximize results delivered and this knowledge we can only build up through close cooperation and personal contact.


BENU Česká republika
Cooperation with NANO - AUDIT has brought us an independent insight on our supplier's business conditions and helped us improve our processes. They have found extra money and process loopholes in areas which we thought we had covered.
Martin Pytlík
Martin Pytlík
Purchasing Director, BENU Česká republika
Recovery Audit is part of our processes at MALL GROUP for several years and Iveta's team validates invoicing of our suppliers every year. Thanks to this, we have another level of verification which pays itself off from the findings and at the same time, improves our EBIT.
Jan Hanuš
Jan Hanuš

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