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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Leave your payroll process to specialists.
We offer a high quality, discreet, worry-free and money saving solution.

Efficiency with emphasis on quality. This is our motto.


People are the heart of every business; therefore, it is essential that their wages are processed in the highest possible standard. Our team of experienced payroll accountants are trained on a regular basis to make sure they comply with the changing labour law and directives. Your payrolls will always be precisely processed and on time. We are capable of delivering salaries within the first three working days if required.

Offsite payroll outsourcing

Our financial department will process your salaries on our own servers at our office in Brno and you do not have to take care of anything. At the beginning of each month, your managers will provide us with the actual working hours and bonuses. We will review and deal with any possible differences and you will receive final aggregated files for your cost accounting and electronic payment file which you can upload directly to your electronic banking. Your employees will be provided with an electronic payslip distributed directly to their email address (if needed, we can also distribute hard copy slips via post). Due to this process, we can guarantee absolute discretion of salary amounts within your business. We can also help your to further automate the payroll process. Together we can discuss which attendance system would be the most suitable for your business. We can also improve and review your current payroll process.

Onsite payroll outsourcing

Our payroll accountants can process wages within your IT infrastructure. We can either work completely onsite (with physical attendance at your business premises) or we can work in your system from our business premises via VPN connection. We are capable of working in any common accounting software. In Czech Republic, the most common software for payroll processing are Target, Vema, Money and Pohoda.

Interim payroll accountant

We can provide interim payroll support based on your individual needs. We will be able to quickly help regardless of what happened in your business. We provide our most skilled interim payroll accountant colleagues. We are capable of quick adaptation within your work environment. Together we will make sure all data transfers, reporting and payments to your employees are on time.

Payroll Processing

Payroll experts

Each month we process wages for more than 2000 employees.

We have chosen NANO - AUDIT as an external payroll and HR support provider and we are really happy with the services they provide. They always deliver their services on time, which is crucial for us, as we need to report to our parent company. They have created automated outputs for us so we can import data directly into our SAP. We also appreciate the way they communicate with us and their quick responses to our requests.
Tomáš Neuhöfer
Tomáš Neuhöfer
Managing Director, voestalpine High Performance Metals CZ

If you are further interested on how to speed up your payroll process, please visit our section "Payroll automation".


If you decide to choose us as your payroll partner, the revision of your current payroll processes is automatically included. It is in the interest of both parties to improve the processes and increase the efficiency.

Frequently asked questions about payroll processing

How cooperation takes place

Accounting payroll costs according to cost centres

What are the benefits of payroll outsourcing?

Why us

Take advantage of working with professionals. By choosing us as your partner, you can benefit from our know-how. We are here for you.

Payroll Expertise

Our payroll specialists continuously maintain up-to-date knowledge about payroll and labour law. Our labour contract drafts are reviewed by the reputable law office Srubar & Partners.

Payroll Efficiency

We can beat internal payroll processing solutions by both quality and price. Because we work with various enterprises with different pay dates, we can hire and keep the most professional payroll accountants and have enough work for the entire month.

Payroll Discretion

We can provide your accounting department with aggregated data. Therefore, we can ensure absolute confidentiality. Payslips can be distributed directly to the email addresses of your employees.

GDPR Compliance

We strictly follow all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data security

We guarantee the highest data security standards. All data is stored on our own servers and we also have our own IT department. We backup essential data a on daily basis and non-essential data on a weekly basis. We also do external backups on encrypted drives to make sure that none of your data is ever lost.

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