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Business trip allowances in Czech Republic in 2023

Decree No. 467/2022 Coll. changes the basic rates of food allowance, amortization and fuel prices for business trips allowances.
Business trip allowances in Czech Republic in 2023

Full overview of all current rates for business trips allowances in Czech Republic, valid as of 1.1.2023:

Food allowances for business trip:

lenght of business trip  food allowance
5 to 12 hours 129 to 153 CZK
12 to 18 hours 196 to 236 CZK
more than 18 hours 307 to 367 CZK

Be aware of reduced rates if meal is provided to an employee!


Amortization for personal cars used by an employee is 5,20 CZK per kilometer


Average fuel price used for allowance in Czech Republic is:


fuel type:  average fuel price
Natural 95 41,20 CZK
Super 95 41,20 CZK
Natural 98 45,20 CZK
Super 98 45,20 CZK
Diesel 44,10 CZK


Source: Decree on changing the rate of basic compensation for the use of road motor vehicles and meal allowances and on determining the average price of fuel for the purpose of providing travel compensation for the year 2023.


Sample business trip Excel spreadsheet:

You can use our sample Excel spreadsheet to calculate the travel expenses, which calculates the basic meal rate and compensation for the use of the vehicle. However, do not forget that if you provide free breakfast or other meals to employees during a business trip, the meal rate must be reduced by:

  • 70% of the meal allowance if the business trip lasts 5 to 12 hours
  • 35% of the meal allowance if the business trip lasts longer than 12 hours, but no longer than 18 hours
  • 25% of the meal allowance if the business trip lasts more than 18 hours

And be careful, an employee who is on a business trip will not have any food allowance at all if:

  • business trip lenght is 5 to 12 hours and 2 free meals have been provided
  • a business trip lenght over 12 hours and 3 free meals have been provided


To bill a business trip abroad, it is necessary to adjust the meal rates according to individual countries:

Country Food allowance
Albania 40 EUR
Andorra 45 EUR
Australia 65 USD
Belgium 50 EUR
Belarus 45 EUR
Bosnia and Herzegovina 40 EUR
Brasil 60 USD
Bulgaria 40 EUR
Montenegro 35 EUR
China 45 EUR
Denmark 60 EUR
Egypt 45 EUR
Estonia 40 EUR
Finland 55 EUR
France 50 EUR
Croatia 40 EUR
India 45 EUR
Iraq 45 EUR
Iran 40 EUR
Ireland 50 EUR
Iceland 60 EUR
Italy 50 EUR
Japan 65 USD
South Africa 40 EUR
Canada 50 USD
Kazachstan 45 EUR
Cuba 60 EUR
Kuvajt 40 EUR
Cyprus 40 EUR
Lichtenstein 65 CHF
Lithuania 40 EUR
Latvia 40 EUR
Luxembourg 50 EUR
Hungary 40 EUR
Malaysia 45 USD
Malta 50 EUR
Mexico 50 USD
Moldova 45 EUR
Monaco 45 EUR
Germany 45 EUR
Netherlands 50 EUR
Norway 60 EUR
Poland 45 EUR
Portugal 40 EUR
Austria 45 EUR
Romania 40 EUR
Russia 45 EUR
Greece 40 EUR
North Macedonia 35 EUR
Slovakia 35 EUR
Slovenia 40 EUR
Spain 45 EUR
Sweden 60 EUR
Switzerland 75 CHF
Tunisia 50 EUR
Turkey 40 EUR
Ukraine 45 EUR
United Kingdom 45 GBP

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