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Czech VAT changes valid from 2024

Instead of three rates of value added tax (VAT) in Czech Republic, there will be only two from 2024. The relevant amendment still has to be formally approved. The basic VAT rate will remain at 21 percent. The reduced rate will be 12 percent (so far there are two reduced rates: 10 and 15 percent). There will be zero tax on books.
Czech VAT changes valid from 2024

0% VAT rate in Czech Republic from 2024 would be for the following products:

  • books

12% reduced VAT rate in Czech Republic from 2024 would be for the following products:

  • food (excluding drinks), gluten-free products

  • drugs and pharmaceutical products

  • medical devices

  • construction work

  • water supply and sewer services

  • heating

  • passenger transport, bus transportation

  • accommodation services

  • catering services

  • tickets to theatres, cinemas, sporting events, zoos, swimming pools, gyms

  • magazines

  • car seats for children

  • funeral services

21% will be a regular VAT rate in Czech Republic in 2024.


If you need a help with classification of products and their correct VAT rate, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts. We are happy to discuss and revalidate the VAT settings in your company. Our accountants and advisors are at your disposal.

Please be aware that the proposal might be amended. Proposed changes in VAT still needs to be formally approved.

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